David Contreras

—— REI Entrepreneur

David is the Owner/Operations Manager for Rain City Home Buyers LLC. They are located in Seattle, WA. David’s primary goal is to provide a real practical solution. David has more than 3 years of experience in residential real estate and specializes in helping people to get rid of their burdensome houses, fast. He buys houses with cash but also understands that a cash offer may not be the best option for each seller, that is why he tries to offer a custom solution and options for each person he works with, to get them the most money possible for their house. He loves helping people out of difficult situations and making friends as he goes along. Rain City has the ability to serve the Seattle real estate market because they have a great team that follows the motto, SERVE FIRST.

Our Goal

We all view life from a different lens. When you adjust the focus, at heart, most people are striving for success on their own terms. The freedom to have what you define as measured success “on your terms” starts with shifting your way of thinking to an abundance mindset. When you invest in yourself, never be afraid to bet on yourself. Go big!

Our goal is to help you break away from old habits, reset and put in the time. Separate yourself from the pack by setting goals that prove how much you are willing to sacrifice for financial freedom.

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